Our Experiences

Our partner congregations include churches that have had previous and in many cases, long historical affiliations with several conferences including Lancaster Conference, Franconia Conference, Atlantic Coast Comference and the Eastern District Conference as well as others. The heritage and helpfulness of these historic associations are treasured and deeply appreciated. In no case has the choice to become part of the new AMEC Alliance been a reputation of that heritage, a rejection of Mennonite doctrinal roots or a desire to end valued friendships. On the contrary, these decisions were made to continue and strengthen the best of that heritage, in faithfulness to our biblical understandings.

It was not dissatisfaction with personal relationships or resistance to change that motivated the founding of AMEC. Rather it was a growing awareness of the damaging effect on the mission and witness of the church by theological pluralism, doctrinal ambiguities and moral confusion that prompted the search for a way to continue on the biblical foundations on which our churches were originally established. Our hope is that former colleagues would be able to understand our heart motives and respect the convictions of our conscience, which compelled the choice we made. We desire to maintain Christ honoring friendships and mutual respect for Christian brothers and sisters whether or not we are in differing organizational structures or different branches of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He, along with the Father and the Spirit, receive all glory and honor and praise.

Pastors of some congregations have offered a short statement about what affiliation with AMEC means to them...

"A few years ago our church body gave itself a new name. And we moved into a new building. We are working on a new affiliation, AMEC. Our foundation hasn't changed, as our changeable sign out front instructed the many passersby. I was deeply grateful for the theological position, vision, and mission of AMEC. I am eager to get this much needed fellowship up and running. God's inerrant Word is alive, relevant, and well. He is at work. He is on the throne, meaning...He rules in honor and sovereignty. He is saving sinners. He is Lord, Sustainer, Provider, Redeemer for His chosen ones, the Church. He is coming again, not for all, but for those eagerly awaiting Him. Are you ready? By His grace we can say 'YES'"

Pastor Leon R. Shirk, formely of Bethany Grace Fellowship
Now Pastor of Rockville Mennonite Church

"I am so very pleased to tell others that, as a Mennonite pastor, I have found a group of other Mennonite pastors and churches such as AMEC,which we have joined, that are Evangelical and are not embarrassed to say that they are Evangelical and believe in the inerrant and fully-inspired Word of God. When we get together in meetings to discuss issues, it is so wonderful to hear men of God speak about their biblical convictions that I share, which include the burning issues of today in our churches and culture. I can fully recommend to other Mennonite pastors and churches to meet with us and find out what we are all about. I am really looking forward to the time when we of AMEC can become a group of more than 10 congregations and then invite other churches from others states and Canada to become a part of this group of congregations."

Pastor Glenn Alderfer, Living Faith Fellowship

" What a sense of satisfaction to have affiliated recently with a fellowship that more closely represents who we are and what we believe at Paradise Mennonite. We eagerly anticipate the doctrinal accountability we expect from AMEC to help keep us committed to the truth that changes not. What an opportunity this has been to take a stand for Truth in the midst of so much compromise and confusion these days. We're hoping for AMEC clusters to develop all over North America."

Pastor Del Sauder, former Associate Pastor, Paradise Mennonite Church

"As we look up, join together, and reach out we seek to be more devoted followers of Jesus Christ. In "fulfilling His Dream" of transforming love and grace in our community, we are excited to partner with the like-minded congregations of AMEC."

Pastor Woody Woodcock, Indian Valley Mennonite Church

"Our congregation had its beginning in the days of William Penn. In the 280 years since then it has faced many changes and challenges. Our community experienced great social upheaval and political turmoil, incredible technological advances and amazing scientific discoveries. But the challenge to the moral fiber of society, the undermining of standards of right and wrong, and even the questioning of whether there can be such a thing as absolute Truth, is probably the greatest threat to the future of our generation. So it is refreshing to partner with the new Alliance of Mennonite Evangelical Congregations. AMEC's clear stance on biblical truth and the believer's way of life gives us great freedom to move ahead in being the church Christ calls us to be. We are finding the unity we have in Christ can be really special when we begin with a common commitment to the authority of God's unchanging Word. And we have discovered that this is the same commitment for which our spiritual forebears risked all as they sought to be faithful in their generation."

Bob Gerhart, former Pastor, Hereford Mennonite Church

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