Navigating through Today�s Challenges
With Christ Jesus our Perfect Captain,
His Truth our DependableCompass,
and His Word our Infallible Guide  

Our Mission

To be an Affiliation of committed Christians who partner as congregations to carry out the Great Commission, provide biblical fellowship and mutual accountability in the unity of Christ, embracing a biblically Evangelical identity and a biblical Anabaptist perspective.

Our Objective

The Alliance of Mennonite Evangelical Congregations (AMEC) is a developing network of Congregations who are committed to the Holy Scriptures as infallible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as unchanging, the Great Commandment as motivation, and the Great Commission as compelling! Building on the Foundation of Jesus Christ, AMEC holds to the orthodoxy of the Apostles, treasures the heritage of the Evangelical Reformers, promotes the convictions of the biblical Anabaptists and believes a doctrinal unity is essential for truly transforming ministries in the Twenty-First Century. AMEC is a voluntary association of congregations with a common commitment both to the doctrinal foundation of evangelical orthodoxy and to the worthy tenets of historic biblical Anabaptism.

Our Purpose

AMEC seeks to be characterized by a unity based on Truth, to provide a context for identification, fellowship, accountability, ministerial credentialing and cooperative efforts to enable congregations to faithfully fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.